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Return vents and seasons

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2022.01.26 10:38 help_seekers Return vents and seasons

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to get some advice (I'm an HVAC newbie). Lately I've been having comfort issues in my house in the winter (specifically upstairs and especially when it drops below -20 degrees celsius). I noticed that the upstairs air returns are higher up on the walls while the middle floor air returns are lower near the bottom. I read online that for colder climates, it's better to have the return air vents near the floor as warm air rises and that during winter seasons, it's best to block the higher return vents and in the summer vice-versa (block lower return vents, and open higher return vents) however, this advice only seems to be given in a high/low return vent context scenario (where there's 2 return vents on the same vent inside the same wall).
I know that blocking return vents can cause all sorts of problems. Wanted to get advice here on whether I should block my higher up return vents in the winter on the second floor (I have no low floor return vents on the second floor, just the middle floor) or to keep it all open? I am assuming that these high level return vents are pulling in warm air constantly, which may be keeping the furnace on the warmer side (not sure if my assumption is correct?) but I am not sure, if I block it, will that restrict air flow? I also read somewhere else that HVAC systems were designed so that all vents would remain open but the problem is, it seems like the previous homeowners from a while ago messed around with the duct system while doing renovations (and not sure what they did vs what was originally built). The furnace temperature tends to be on the hotter side of the range. We've had some furnace overheating issues in the past and realized that one of the lower floor return ducts were disconnected and we recently re-connected that return duct.
Anyways was just wondering what people's opinions are. Would blocking the upper return vents on the upstairs floor (which are high on the wall) be a bad idea if I have the middle floor return vents (which are lower on the wall) open? And in the winter, do it vice-versa? I have 2 return registers upstairs and 2 in the middle floor. My house is also 2200 sq ft.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.26 10:38 elementrix_26 Reddit people, what's the sexiest thing your partner ever did?

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2022.01.26 10:38 xTCHx RSF urges multinationals still in Myanmar to stop supporting junta | Reporters without borders

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2022.01.26 10:38 ThavoArtz [For Hire] Artist open for commissions - DnD, Fantasy, Character Art, Portrait and more - Feel free to send DM ! Starting from $30

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2022.01.26 10:38 ixixu8z8u3urix There is this pretty girl that rides my bus.. she saw me staring at her .

This girl, I've always known her and she's always been one grade higher than me. She sits across from me on the bus. Shes always on her phone doing whatever and I stare at her sometimes. She has never said anything to me like "stop looking at me". She has occasionally seen me looking at her. One time when she was one her phone, she looked up at me and we made eye contact for like 3 seconds and then I looked away.
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2022.01.26 10:38 d_tlol Happy~ 𝐍𝐎 𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐘! ft. Korone

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2022.01.26 10:38 Bogoy900 Quarashi Network: The Next-Gen Platform We Can Trust

Quarashi Network: The Next-Gen Platform We Can Trust I am giving my full support to the ongoing QUA ICO which is a good opportunity for us to support an excellent platform with a lot of things to offer!

Quarashi offers many quality components like its own crypto wallet, privacy chat, DEX, launchpad, VPN and even airdrop too...all of these are respecting your right to privacy, anonymity & security. https://quarashi.network
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2022.01.26 10:38 avenafatua00 Is Insight on Emptyness a good book to read before joining a local Mahayana group?

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2022.01.26 10:37 radbellez Should I drop this guy ?

So I’ve (f27) been in an ambiguous phase with this guy (m24). We work together and we like each other, although nothing serious has happened.
People on Reddit have been saying this guy is weird. I posted here couple times.
He took a photo of me in the first few weeks of me joining. I happened to see because the phone camera suddenly turned to aim at me.
He made contact with me by touching my thigh with his thigh and holding the contact for a bit.
My colleague helped me out by trying to find out more about him. Apparently, boss said that this guy cannot be a good match for me who is looking for something serious because he deliberately made his ex cry one time and then tried to coax her the next day.
Am I dealing with a narcissist? Should I just drop this and leave?
I’m a bit sad because we did have some good moments and he can be sweet at times. Although I’m not sure if he’s just faking it.
My heart is reluctant to drop this even though logically I know I should.
Another thing is that when I met him four months ago, I fell in love with him who was this nerdy shy helpful and quiet guy who has now morphed into this good looking competitive aggressive sales person. Idk how to feel about this too.
Just looking to the Reddit community to give me advice.
Tl;dr: should I drop this guy?
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2022.01.26 10:37 cbvv1992 🔥55% Off Code And Clip Coupon – $29.99 Breathable Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Cover Fitted with Premium 3D Air Fabric

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2022.01.26 10:37 AdministrativeAd3363 Do you agree?

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2022.01.26 10:37 SamwellTheRedditer Dear mods, I am banned from this sub?

Hi if you're reading this and your a mod, why i can't post anything to your subreddit? Was there a rule i broke?
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2022.01.26 10:37 Fickle-Tishka Feedback after playing

Firstly, I think Algo Casino has been a great introduction to the Algo ecosystem. Had some great fun for the past 2 days...although at a loss but it is all about fun right?! Hopefully when the table maximum is increased I can martingale all the way to the moon :D
Alrighty, to the feedback:
1) Can we have an undo button that either at least undo's the last move or you can undo as many times as you want? I sometimes go for a crazy strategy and a click in the wrong area (usually when placing between numbers) ruins the strategy and I have to clear the table and restart again. Or am I missing something and you can already undo?
2) Saving strategies. It would be great if a user could save their strategies so that at a click of a button, the chips are laid out.
3) I have noticed on some spins, the spin takes longer than usual. That extra wait time puts me at a worry :D As such, can we have an option where we have quick spins, i.e. press Play and give me the outcome. I am sure some users want to go hardcore and don't want to see the animations.

That is all for now :) Great work so far!
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2022.01.26 10:37 Seanmm5f Does it matter what wallet I’m using? I’m just using the crypto.com wallet

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