My GF (15F), that I've been with for a year, sends me (15M) nudes.

2022.01.26 10:27 ngrtsu My GF (15F), that I've been with for a year, sends me (15M) nudes.

Now I know people would be like you're too young and you don't know true love yet and I shouldn't be in these types of situations. I'm sick of those people, I don't want anyone saying in the comment section that I shouldn't be in a serious relationship this early, or that this isn't actually a serious relationship because I'm still young, or I'm incapabale of having one because of my age. ( You'd be surprised by how much people do that to me. It pisses me off and completely ruins my day. )
Let me just start this off by letting you know that I have had a lot ( I mean a lot ) of serious conversations about it, ones that last for hours. I always make sure she's fine and comfortable with it and everytime I do that she just gets even more comfortable with me ( not complaining ). Also this is the FIRST RELATIONSHIP I have ever had, known her for years, been with her for a year.
I rarely ask her for those things and if I do, I have like a 15 minute talk first with her about how it's completely fine if she doesn't want to and reassuring her I'm not using her for those, and shes always comfortable with everything and trusts me so much.
Also it's not really nudes, most are just audio files of her moaning ( I know it's weird sorry, but I kinda have a thing for her.. voice ) and sometimes pictures of her body but never naked, like a bra on or towel or smth, also we kind of have sex chats and sex calls ( not really sex call just her moaning for me at call, then after we finish we call like we usually do and laugh about it ). Most of the time she sends them randomly without me asking and I'm really happy she's that comfortable with me but I feel a bit of guilt.
The reason I feel guilt is because I know she shouldn't be doing that. Her father keeps reminding her to not do it even though it seems like I'm a good guy but she still does it for me. As I clarified earlier, I don't force her or anything at all and 100% make sure shes fine with it, infact she sends them without me asking. I'm actually really proud of myself that I was able to completely gain her trust and was able to make her comfortable with me no matter what.
Another reason I also feel guilty is because I'm going for a long term serious relationship. She and I are already breaking her parent's trust in me and doing things they wouldn't like.
I'm going for a long term relationship here, her parents once made her breakup with me ( because they think we're too young ) and I didn't go against it and said a lot of things like I was serious about her and I'd wait for her to be allowed to have relationships/finish college first and get a job. Her parents read the convo and they approved of me and didn't make us break up anymore.
With all that said, I'd also like to add that I'm aware about sexual relations and what not to do. I'm not a mindless guy that'll just knock up someone and have a kid at the age of 15, also that wouldn't really be a smart thing to do if I'm going for a long term relationship lol. Also told her that we wont have any sexual interactions until atleast 16 years old. She understands everything that I said which is why I think she trusts me so much. If I turn 16 and she' said shes coming over I'd probably do like 4 hours worth of researching on how to not knock up a girl and what not to do, and my mind during it would probably like dont get her pregnant dont get her pregnant dont get her pregnant.
( let me just say it's unbelievable how much people think adolescents are incapable of doing anything seriously and they think we're pretty much more immature than well behaved 9 year old kids, like please I'm more mature than some people, I already drive better than most people since I already compete in car racing with my dad's race car and also a bit of go kart, and my parents trust me enough to give me 4000$ to freely invest in whatever I want and I invested it in cryptocurrency nfts and now I'm making my own money and no longer have to rely on my parents for pocket money. Sorry I just wanted to vent a bit, literally everyone around me whether it be family or online friends think teenagers are immature asf. Might just be me having an unusually high self esteem and ego I apologize )
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2022.01.26 10:27 theasialive Former Malaysia PM Mahathir recovering, moved to regular ward

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2022.01.26 10:27 daveisit Gas Heater in my basement. Is this dangerous? Can I do anything do make it safer?

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2022.01.26 10:27 sup3r_hero Ich📐iel

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2022.01.26 10:27 NORDLAN Budowsky: President Biden leads NATO against Russian aggression

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2022.01.26 10:27 datbirdonatree Thanks, I hate this creature

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2022.01.26 10:27 joe_minly NuLink AMA | JAN 25 13:00 PM UTC Part 1

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates:Joining us today is David.Welcome DavidJiao to the GAINS community
David JIAO:Hello everyone!
Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates:The NuStars have already given us a taste of what is to come.
David JIAO:haha , yes, they are amazing!
Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates:It promises to be a fun event. Let's not keep everyone waiting and dive in.
David JIAO:sure
Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates:Can you introduce yourself to our community? Tell us about your crypto journey so far
David JIAO:Yes
David JIAO:My name is David Jiao. I have over 10 years experience in the automotive and AI industry. Entrepreneur experience of founding startups both in Sweden and China , successfully raised a few rounds of investment and as CPO of Golden Ridge Robotic was responsible for a series of autonomous products. During this period I learnt what brings to the current AI (machine learning and deep learning) world is most important. That is DATA. And you always need to dig out what are the obstacles to make data valuable to your product which is always the PRIVACY. And NuLink is the project where I and a few cryptography guys start to solve these issues.
Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates:Can you tell us what NuLink means in a few sentences?
David JIAO:Well, I have two versions of "a few sentences".
For everyone I would say: NuLink combines best of breed technologies in privacy and security to create an API that developers can use in their decentralized applications. With this powerful API the developers and app builders can add security and privacy. This can be any type of tech like a NFT trading platform, a health platform, system to store private information, system to handle credit card info and much more.
For tech people I would say: NuLink network is a decentralized solution for privacy-preserving applications developers to implement best practices and best of breed security and privacy. The NuLink platform provides endpoint encryption and cryptographic access control. Sensitive user data can be securely shared from any user platform to cloud or decentralized storage and access to that data is granted automatically by policy in Proxy Re-Encryption or Attribute-Based Encryption. For the data user on the other side, Zero-Knowledge Proof can help them verify the data source. In more advanced privacy-preserving use cases, NuLink uses Fully Homomorphic Encryption to customize enterprise-level data computation services.
Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates:What problem does NuLink try to solve and what are the solutions?
David JIAO:Today, businesses across the spectrum understand that data is the key to maximize business value. Almost all businesses are mining data to fuel innovation and growth. Meanwhile data can cause irreparable damage to businesses, reputations and people’s lives if sensitive information leaks in a data breach. In many cases, even though the law requires companies to implement data protection (for example, Europe’s GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation that is known as the toughest privacy and security law in the world), businesses regardless of size – enterprise, small or medium businesses or startups – often find it difficult to protect their users’ data. Finding a solution to these data privacy problems is the motivation behind NuLink.
By integrating best-in-class technologies we are building a strong technology foundation. The technical solutions provided by NuLink cover three main categories.
1.To ensure the availability of data in ciphertext form. The crypto techniques used here mainly include Zero Knowledge Proof.
2.Privacy-preserving data sharing. The general method is to encrypt data and let the data owner control access to it. The technologies include decentralized encrypted storage, proxy re-encryption, identity-based encryption and attribute-based encryption, etc.
3.Privacy-preserving data computing, which involves the integration of certain privacy computing capabilities into smart contracts. The technologies used include multi-party secure computing, homomorphic encryption and so on.
These three kinds of technical solutions can provide privacy-preserving applications in many application fields.
Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates:Please describe some application scenarios using NuLink technology?
David JIAO:As I mentioned above, NuLink provides three kinds of technical solutions for many privacy-preserving scenes: encrypted NFTs trading market, secure electronic health records sharing, decentralized digital rights management, secure data sharing collected by IOT devices, financial encrypted data prediction, privacy-preserving social network, etc.
One of the most exciting use scenarios for NuLink’s technology solution is in the encrypted non-fungible token (NFT) trading market. The NFT market is booming – in the first half of 2021, NFTs saw $2.5 billion in sales. This means there is a great opportunity for new solutions that take NFTs to the next level. At NuLink, our first objective will be to provide technology for NFT marketplaces to facilitate private auctions, encrypted and private collections, and entirely new exciting use cases for encrypted NFTs. For instance, the NuLink solution makes it possible for artists to set up secure online private auctions where potential buyers can virtually view and bid for the art pieces on sale. The artist could also create special viewing events for their most dedicated fans or special collectors. Similarly, NFT owners will be able to securely share access to a specific NFT or their private collection with whomever they desire and even charge a viewing fee.
#NuLink #NuStar $NLK
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2022.01.26 10:27 RuduIitis Anybody have tips for b03

I am grinding author medals and in b03 the author goes so fast at the start, how
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2022.01.26 10:27 Cravity_pancakes People who love soap operas, why?

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2022.01.26 10:27 AIBC_world Hi 5ire! We're super excited to welcome you to our AIBC Dubai 2022 expo in March. Congratulations on everything you achieved so far and no doubt 2022 will be even more successful!

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2022.01.26 10:27 GrymKryzel Happy Birthday, Rio!
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2022.01.26 10:27 TheUItimateBlip LEC isnt fnc vs G2 anymore. And it never really was.

Nothing against these orgs, but the coolest thing the last two years showed was that LEC really was Hyllissang vs. Perkz. Both had the mind to make any team good enough for contention, but whoever had the better team could take it home. I am really sure, that it will be VIT vs. FNC spring finals. Of course there are times, where one misses finals but being third is already kinda the worst it can get with a stacked roster.
And this brings me to roster moves. If you consider that, you should ask yourself as a G2, who can give you this in the future rather than who is mechanically best in its role. And for me there are 3 points to look at.
A) maybe Targamas brings it, he won with Kcorp, if so, thats nice. But I'm not sold yet, we'll see spring/summeworlds.
B) Try to get CoreJJ no matter the cost. If he wants to stay in NA, bad for you.
C) get whoever was responsible for it in MAD 2020/2021. This year might show it being Kaiser if they make it to worlds.
D) I dont see them getting Hyli or Perkz so thats pretty much the good options I see, if you dont wanna have language bareers.
Am I talking BS? Do you thing Targamas can be this player?
What are your thoughts?
(I talk about G2 because they are one of the few, always striving to build top-tier rosters, while arguably not having one now, while many others come and go. If Mad can keep/try keeping the core player, its good for them.)
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2022.01.26 10:27 murcos If the earth wasn't spinning, we would weigh more

Because there'd be no centrifugal force pushing us out. Would the difference be noticable though?
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2022.01.26 10:27 ToukaxKaneki2019 Do you guys think Hu Tao can go well with Yae?

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2022.01.26 10:27 MarkMooreMusic Here's a Hybrid, Building, Epic-ish, Rock/Metal Remix I did for Eminem "The Way I Am"... I hope ya like it!

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2022.01.26 10:27 Rashad2007 Recon legends (except pathy) should use data knives to hack into survey beacons

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2022.01.26 10:27 Hour_Boysenberry3559 What are some fashion/hygiene tips for a gay man?

Obviously it’s not like straight guys have different parts to wash or there’s a gay medium and straight medium shirt. I was just wondering if there are certain things other gay men like that’s different than women when it comes to fashion. Just want to look good when I start dating.
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2022.01.26 10:27 nexzae I don't get it

Like, I'm the most badass super soldier of the galaxy and have achieved something no other human or alien has. But sure, call me "Shepard".
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2022.01.26 10:27 ijstartcanon9 Connect WiFi to Printer via or Wireless Scanning & Printing Also

User not know the differences between Ij Start Canon and Usually it seem look like one but the Ij Start Canon is video service and is a website.
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2022.01.26 10:27 pointandclickers Gabriel Knight Full Game Walkthrough

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2022.01.26 10:27 roverspeed Kelly doing the paw tuck

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2022.01.26 10:27 galenj01 Does anyone know how to turn these on? Mine aren't there.

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2022.01.26 10:27 GlaydsKohn Alahna Ly Naughty Babe SnapChat Story Viral Leaked Video

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2022.01.26 10:27 lDoNotLikeBacon KSP crashing moments after launch, before loading screen starts up

So, I've tried launching KSP after installing RSS, RO, and the like (using CKAN so I don't miss a dependency), and the first launch gave error loading, on second launch it froze on the main menu screen, but with no text. I randomly clicked and it took me to the merch store, so it was definitely working.
I tried removing every mod I installed today, now it just crashes on startup. Unity crash handler opens, so a full-blown crash.
I removed every mod, period. Still the same problem.
I said screw it and uninstalled KSP completely and made a fresh 1.12.2 install
Still doesn't work. I still haven't installed DLCs, so it can't be it. I also uninstalled CKAN, still haven't reinstalled it
this is what the main menu looked like btw
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2022.01.26 10:27 Careful_Promotion821 Katiana Kay - Se.x Tape New So hotttt

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